Savings Account

A flexible account for your savings.

With a Select Account, you can earn interest on your savings, but still access your money whenever you need to. You have the flexibility to save as little or as much as you want whenever you choose. The account is suitable for both lump sum and regular savings.
Features and benefits

Save as little or as much as you like

Open your account with as little as 1p and save as much as you like. There is no minimum or maximum balance.

A variable rate of interest with instant access to your funds

You will earn variable interest on your money – this is calculated daily and paid to your account annually in April.

See our current interest rates for details of the rate that applies to this account.

You will have instant access to your funds whenever you need it. There are also no restrictions on making lodgements to the account.

No maintenance or monthly fees

No maintenance or monthly fees apply but there may be other service charges for certain counter or cash machine transactions or if you do not have sufficient funds to pay an item.

For details see the Price list and guide to fees and interest for personal customers.

Easy access to your money with our Visa debit card

Our Visa debit card* gives you flexibility at home and abroad.

Pay for goods and services with our debit card in store or online, or use your card to make cash withdrawals anywhere in the world at cash machines where the Visa sign is displayed.

*Charges may apply for using your card abroad or at cash machines not provided by AIB Group.  See the ‘Price list and guide to fees and interest for personal customers’ for more details.

Manage your finances and make payments on the go

Visit any Barclays Bank branch or alternatively use our Online and Phoneline Banking to complete your day to day transactions such as transferring money, paying bills or checking your most recent transactions.

You can also manage your money on the move by downloading our Mobile banking app or visiting the Mobile banking website at

See our full range of Ways to Bank Options.