Plus Account

Earn credit interest and enjoy more from your personal banking.

The Plus Account has all the features and benefits for you to enjoy life while your money works for you.

This account is ideal for people aged 18 and over who pay £1,200 into their account every month.
Features and benefits

Free daily banking if your account is in credit or if you make two qualifying debit transactions each month

Avoid monthly fees with the Plus Account.  How to qualify:

Keep your account in credit each month^


If your account is in debit (overdrawn) during the month^, you can still avoid a monthly fee by making:
Two purchases using your Visa debit card; or
Two debit* transactions using either the Online or Phoneline banking services or both; or
One purchase using your Visa debit card and one debit* transaction using either the Online or Phoneline Banking services

^ The monthly period for current accounts is from the 16th of month one to the 15th of month two.

* By debit transaction we mean either transferring funds or paying a bill.

If you do not keep your account in credit, or make the qualifying transactions, you will be charged a monthly fee of £15.

You may still have to pay service fees or support fees.  For full details, please see our price list.

Credit interest if you pay in at least £1,200 per month

All you have to do is pay at least £1,200 into your account during the month.
You will then earn credit interest on your balance up to £1,200.
You don’t have to keep £1,200 in your account for the whole month, and don’t worry if your balance drops below £1,200 during the month, you will still earn credit interest on your daily balance.
We work out interest each day and pay it monthly on the 16th or next working day if the 16th is a weekend or a bank holiday. So, even if you don’t qualify for interest one month, (for example, if you pay in less than £1,200 that month), you can still earn interest the following month if you pay at least £1,200 into your account.

Up to £100 interest-free on arranged overdrafts

The first £100 of any arranged overdraft (subject to status) will be interest-free.  There is no fee for arranging an overdraft.

This is not an automatic overdraft and you must apply if you require one. The amount sanctioned will depend on your financial circumstances and your ability to pay back the money. You must be 18 or older. For full details, or for a written quotation, please contact us.

Easy access to your money with our Visa debit card

A Visa debit card allows you to make purchases and withdraw money from your bank account worldwide*. You can use your card in shops, at cash machines and online wherever Visa Debit is accepted. You can also check your balance at any First Trust Bank or AIB cash machine.

*Charges may apply for using your card abroad.  See our price list for more details.

Bank securely at a time and place that suits you

Barclays Bank Online, Mobile or Phoneline Banking puts you in control of your finances. Many of the things you do at the branch counter; you can do sitting at home with Online Banking – checking your balances, paying your bills, transferring money, ordering a statement and carrying out a cheque search.

See our full range of Ways to Bank Options.

Switch your current account to us ‘hassle-free’ in seven working days

Switch your current account from one bank or building society to another in a simple, reliable and hassle-free way. It will only take seven working days. As your new current-account provider we offer the following guarantee:

The service is free to use and you can choose and agree your switch date with us.
We will take care of moving all your payments going out (for example, your direct debits and standing orders) and those coming in (for example, your salary).
If you have money in your old account, we will transfer it to your new account on your switch date.
For 13 months, we will arrange for payments accidentally made to your old account to be automatically redirected to your new account. We will also contact the sender and give them your new account details.
If there are any issues in making the switch, we will contact you before your switch date.
If anything goes wrong with the switch, as soon as we are told, we will refund any interest (paid or lost) and charges made on either your old or new current accounts as a result of this failure.